8 Confusing JavaScript Concepts Over Simplified

8 Confusing JavaScript Concepts Over Simplified

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8 Confusing JavaScript Concepts Over Simplified - 
Learn and Understand it once and for all and level up your programming in Javascript
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Learn javascript, Learn and Understand it once and for all and level up your programming, 8 Confusing JavaScript Concepts Over Simplified
Top 10 Reasons to Learn JavaScript
1) It’s the most popular programming language
We start our list with possibly the most significant reason! According to Stackoverflow JavaScript is the most popular programming language used by professional developers today. Even back-end developers choose JavaScript more often than not.
2) It’s in your browser
JavaScript is, without question, the default language of the internet. You need to look no further than your browser for proof since JavaScript was most likely used to develop it. Since browsers are a necessary part of any user’s online experience, it’s easy to see why JavaScript is so significant.
3) JavaScript also exists outside of the internet
JavaScript has many uses that go beyond its traditional internet roles. It powers smart televisions, works with the internet of things (IoT), creates native apps for iOS and Android, and builds cross-platform desktop apps, to name a few.
4) JavaScript is Ideal for Newbies
Since it’s already installed on every web browser today, JavaScript spares the rookies from the chore of setting up a development environment. Newcomers can just jump in and start coding. It’s one of the most accessible entries into coding available, a value-add for beginners. There is also a large online community that offers support and advice.
Also, JavaScript is an excellent tool for beginning programmers who want to expand their skill set into other languages. JavaScript supports valuable skills such as object-oriented, functional, and imperative styles of programming. Beginner developers, in turn, can apply these skills to any new language they want to learn, like Python, Java, or C++.
5) JavaScript is Easy to Learn
Not only is it a natural language to use, but JavaScript is also easy to pick up. JavaScript turns intricate details into abstracts, making things easier for the newcomer. Unlike the higher-level languages, JavaScript has more of a natural language feel to it.
6) You Can Create Visual Effects and Other Eye-catching Aesthetic Features
There’s building a web page, and then there’s building a visually appealing web page that attracts the user’s attention and encourages interaction. JavaScript is so versatile that you can use it to easily add cool design elements such as animation, interactive maps, and scrolling video. Organizations and clients want web designers who can not only put together a technically sound page but one that also will lure visitors. If you know JavaScript, you can deliver.
7) JavaScript is Versatile
Far from being a one-trick pony, JavaScript empowers a programmer to handle any aspect of app design. Do you want to do user-side (front-end) coding? You can do it in conjunction with Angular. Are you more interested in the server-side (back-end)? Bring Node.js into the mix and you can do that, too!
You can also create desktop, mobile, and web apps with Electron, React Native, and React. If you’re intrigued by machine learning, then JavaScript will help you there as well.
8) JavaScript also Affects Big Data and the Cloud
JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the go-to standard for data exchanges on today’s internet. NoSQL databases use JSON documents for record storage; and although JSON plays well with any programming language, it does best with JavaScript.
Also, more developers are turning to Node.js to build cloud-based apps, a very much in-demand market.
9) It’s a Valuable Tool for Game Designers
Games are a big business today, and developers who know JavaScript have that extra advantage. The language’s versatility, power, and ability to easily create visual effects make it a perfect fit for game developers.
10) Finally, the Career Potential is Skyrocketing
With an increasing number of businesses and organizations going digital, there is a corresponding increase in demand for developers who are familiar with the better-known programming languages. As we’ve already noted, that’s JavaScript!
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